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"I thought it was amazing. It is a hidden treasure," said Omar Bakhet, director of the Emergency Response Division at the U.N. ... "I don't think there's a risk, it's a proven technology, it's cost effective, you need very little building material, just what nature gives you. So simple it can be learned by everybody."
— Reuters International News agency

"They meet all building codes, are energy efficient, weather tight, and so solid they passed the most gruelling stress tests."

"The buildings are cool in summer and warm in winter, probably the most environmentally friendly homes you'll ever come across."

"(Lunar habitat) Khalili's perspective on Lunar Architecture provides an interesting and thought-provoking contrast to 'orthodox' scenarios."

"The city [of Hesperia] conducted tests, under the supervision of the [International] conference [of Building Officials, ICBO], and found that Superadobe stood up to twice the amount of weight that would crush a pitched-roof house."

"We think this design has the potential of revolutionizing the housing industry."
— Mayor of Hesperia

"Hesperia Domes pass Seismic Test....Earth Architecture has made it to the big leagues"
— Victor Valley Daily Press

"We think this design has the potential of revolutionizing the housing industry! said Hesperia Mayor."
— Hesperia Resorter

"Look inside the demonstration houses he's built and you see spacious beauty. They meet all building codes, are energy efficient, weathertight, and so solid they passed the most gruelling stress tests."
— CNN World News

"The building was stronger than the testing equipment."
— (Hesperia building official)

"People are coming from all over the world to Hesperia, California, to learn this simple way of building."— (Hesperia Mayor)
— CNN World News

"The buildings are cool in summer and warm in winter, probably the most environmentally friendly homes you'll ever come across ..."
— BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.)

"To this visionary architect the earth houses ... are the obvious response to 21st century housing shortages, deforestation, the energy crunch and even the physical sickness brought on by the toxic exhalations of modern building materials."
— Orange County Register

"Cutting Edge Housing: In Hesperia Architect Nader Khalili is showing off his sandbag home... Malibu architect Eric Lloyd Wright, after viewing it said it's just the kind of organic architecture his grandfather talked about, and engineering tests show it'll hold up to earthquakes..."
— Los Angeles Times

"We haven't had people with this kind of vision since Frank Lloyd Wright died', said Hesperia redevelopment manager...."
— Victor Valley Daily Press

"A Hesperia Architect has seen the future of affordable housing."
— San Bernadino Sun

"His hope is to create truly low-cost housing in many parts of the world."
— AIA Journal : Architecture

"The Excellence in Technology Award, California Council/American Institute of Architects, went to him for his work."
— Los Angeles Times

"Without this spirit of pioneering no thoroughgoing changes can take place to create anenvironmentally harmonious architecture."
— LA Architect

"...Creating a city from the dust under their feet using a variety of earthen construction techniques."
— Automated Housing

"Making Bricks without Clay: Sandbags and barbed wire, often the materials of war, havebecome the building blocks of peace at Cal-Earth in Hesperia."
— Daily Press

"... a family should be able to walk to a piece of land and build themselves a home without timber, steel or concrete. Just the earth alone should suffice."
— Ceramic Monthly

"... a vision that could be of considerable value to architecture in development"
— Mimar

"His architecture has a quasi-mystic character..."
— Centre Georges Pompidou

"It came about because of the sun, because of the wind, because of the earth"
— Permaculture Journal

"A revolution in the traditional architecture of Iran..."
— Museum Contemporary Art, Tehran

"It is cool in the summer, warm in the winter, water-and fireproof, and beautiful."
— L.A. Weekly

"Earth Architecture recieves a warm welcome from the third world to outer space."
— House and Garden

"Khalili is also at work on prefab ceramic vaults, modular units that can be trucked and linked together easily. And sometimes his vision goes much, much further: he's worked with NASA on scenarios in which the moon's soil could be melted, then, after molding, fused into structures by concentrated rays of the sun."
— Mother Jones

"A novel 'magma structure' concept presented by him...proposed melting mounds of lunar soil with focused sunlight to create a pliable material that could be sculptured into facilities the NASA symposium, 'Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century.'"
— Aviation Week & Space Tech

"Khalili's perspective on lunar architecture provides an interesting and thought-provoking contrast to 'orthodox' scenarios."
— NASA's Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century, editor W. W. Mendell

"...he draws from thousands of years of traditional architecture in his effort to build modern, affordable, sustainable housing..."
— RAN/Turner Foundation ~ Cut Waste not Trees

"... in Hesperia, the houses were beautiful, well-insulated, structurally rigid, and cost almost nothing to build."
— Los Angeles Times

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