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Permaculture Class

Permaculture Class

Join us for the 6th Annual Combined
Superadobe and Permaculture Course!
Check out the pictures from the previous training

Cal-Earth Institute and Midwest Permaculture are combining their recognized and established certificate trainings for a rare and powerful learning opportunity. Having delivered over 60 PDC courses, Midwest Permaculture is an internationally recognized provider of quality permaculture trainings. Their full PDC curriculum will be delivered to students at this combined training so that all will earn their Permaculture Design Certificate.

OCTOBER 3-15, 2016
Topics Covered by Cal-Earth
  • The principle of the arch
  • Superadobe basics
  • Soils practicum and discussion
  • Super-adobe with stabilized earth
  • Plaster workshop with stabilized earth
  • Learning to read blueprints, elements of design, placing windows and doors
  • Contrasting domes with vaults, vaulted roofing system, dome geometry
  • Site planning, orientation, simple solar passive strategies
  • Compass theory and application
Topics Covered by Midwest Permaculture
  • Observations and Patterns
  • Principles and Ethics of Permaculture
  • Designing for Different Climatic Zones
  • Soils, Plants, and Trees
  • Guilds and Polycultures
  • Water and Earthworks
  • Utilizing Micro-climates
  • Designing with Succession in Mind
  • Eco-Building
  • Zone and Sector Analysis
  • Aquaculture
  • Planning the Homestead
  • Bio-Fuels
  • Economics
  • Niche Marketing
  • Urban and Suburban Permaculture
  • Garden Management
  • Small-Farm Strategies
  • Large-Farm Possibilities
  • International Implications
  • Starting your own Permaculture Business

A Combined Training: Nader Khalili and the team at Cal-Earth have focused for many years on studying the simplest of forms and elements and crafting a way to take the earth beneath our feet and turn it into beautiful, lasting and inexpensive homes. Permaculture takes this same kind of contemplative focus to study the area surrounding a building. We are looking for ways to design a system that not only further supports the inhabitants of these beautiful and functional structures, but also cares for the total environment.

Through permaculture design we will discover how we can extract food, fiber, fuel, beauty and community from the very same elements that created the Cal-Earth buildings
Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Benefits of a Permaculture Design Course Certificate: Students who complete this design course will receive a 'Certification of Completion' from Midwest Permaculture which allows them to use the copyrighted word 'permaculture' in the promotion of their work or business. Graduates may also do teaching, offering workshops, lectures and seminars. Click here for more on certification.

Permaculture Workshop
Permaculture Workshop

Tuition Cost: $2300 early registration
(until July 31st, $2500 after)

This includes:

  • 12 day combined training program
  • Camping accomodation at Cal-Earth
  • Breakfast each morning of the workshop
  • Cal-Earth Workshop Certificate of Completion
  • Full set of Cal-Earth Books and DVDs
  • Access to Cal-Earth Forum
  • Permaculture Design Course Certificate
  • Permaculture Design Book
  • Access to Midwest Permaculture Webinars
  • Access to Midwest Permaculture Forum

As with all Cal-Earth workshops, some partial scholarships are available. Please indicate your need for a scholarship in your essay and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Registration Process:

  1. Fill out the official Cal-Earth application. In your essay, be sure to discuss your background and interest in both Superadobe building as well as Permaculture Design.

  2. Pay the required $400 deposit
    (Note — due to the unique nature of this combined workshop, this deposit is nonrefundable. If for some reason you cannot attend, $200 of your deposit can be transferred to a future Cal-Earth building workshop and $200 can be transferred to a future Midwest Permaculture workshop.)
  • NOTE: Due to the prerequesite study hours required, the deadline for application submission and acceptance is September 30.

  • Space is limited for this unique workshop. Early registration is recommended.

Pretraining Study Hours
For most students, the amount of time necessary to complete the pretraining work will require about 14 hours of time. By registering early student will have the luxury going through the study materials at their leisure.

About the Permaculture Course Textbook
'Earth User's Guide to Permaculture'
by Rosemary Morrow

This gem of a text, shipped to students upon registration, is written by Rosemary Morrow, an Australian that has taught permaculture around the world for decades. The book is straightforward and loaded with illustrations, depth and substance. It covers theory and also focuses on the practical aspects of how to implement permaculture design. This book is a must read for the serious permaculturist and is a requirement for students of our design certification courses.

Along with the text comes a study guide with 150-questions that will assist the student in anchoring the information contained in the book. If a student can answer these questions to themselves, they can be assured that they have grasped the foundations of the permaculture design certification course.

Continuing Support Following Graduation
Students who complete this combination training are then invited to become part of Midwest Permaculture's growing network of graduates. There are three ways we work to support our students: We have a separate website where all graduates can connect, share ideas and look for some assistance from each other. We host occasional permaculture reunions for our graduates and their families. Graduates may audit any future 72-hour certification courses at half price (provided space is available). Our objective is to support our students for as long as they need it or want it, and to encourage them to support each other.

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