Learn more about the Diyar-E-Rumi honeymoon demonstration model!

In Oman's Dhofar Province, 2 CalEarth apprentices and a team of 10 local labourers started an ambitious project. Led by Irish Permaculture Designer Alexander O'Brien and CalEarth graduate Zahid Iqbal, OVAL Engineering created a sustainable off-grid eco-resort. Responding to local custom, SuperAdobe was the best way to go. Learn more about the Diyar-E-Rumi honeymoon demonstration model!

How did you learn to build using the SuperAdobe method?

From the team at CalEarth and from volunteering with various different builds.

Which courses did you take at CalEarth?

I have taken the Core A+B, Permaculture, Rocket stove, Ceramics and the Long-Term Apprenticeship.

You recently built a structure that consists of 3 domes in Oman. What will it be used for?

It is a demonstration model for marketing and sales right now, but it is to be part of a larger eco-resort and rented out with Airbnb.

Why do you choose to build using SuperAdobe over other types of building methods?

I find the system is easy to teach and it was very suitable on our site.

Highlight some unique design features in the domes. Where did you get your inspiration?

The large window out of the bedroom to the garden and pool is a great feature. I love the amount of light it lets in; you can see the garden and the pool lying in bed and you can also hear the water chuckling from the fountain.

Talk about some of the environmental concerns you had while building and what steps you took to make the structure suitable for Oman’s climate.

The area where it is located has a high precipitation season so we built a dry well into the base to ensure no water was wicked upwards and any water that hit the structure is allowed to penetrate the soil (away from the building) with ease.

What types of amenities are included in your domes? What materials were used to construct these spaces?

It has a living room, bedroom and restroom. There is an indoor/outdoor living space, constructed from bamboo in front of the building with a pool.

What surprised you the most when learning to build using SuperAdobe?

How strong and safe it feels even when it’s only being built.

Do you plan to build more domes in the future? If so, where?

I am hoping to put up a dome in the Azores this year and Ireland the year after.

How have the local residents responded to your SuperAdobe?

They were very surprised that it stood up firstly and now they all want one.

If you could describe your domes in one word, what would it be?