At CalEarth, we believe housing is a human right and everyone deserves a home. For over 32 years, our mission has remained to further the research, development, and education of Superadobe, a safe and accessible form of Earth Architecture that provides environmentally and financially sustainable living spaces.

Through our SuperAdobe training programs, we have empowered thousands of people to improve the world around them. SuperAdobe structures can be found in 54 countries being used for a variety of purposes including personal residences, eco-hotels, emergency housing, orphanages, educational centers, and more. As we teach, we also learn and continue our research and exploration of SuperAdobe’s potential.

Together, we will create a limitless future where SuperAdobe innovation leads to changes that build a better world. We invite you to invest in our game-changing efforts by supporting our key funding priorities.

CalEarth Impact Initiatives

Pillar 1: Exploring new frontiers through research

CalEarth is engaging in ground-breaking research and education that fundamentally transforms housing options worldwide. As we teach, we also learn and continue our research and exploration of SuperAdobe’s potential. We bring together researchers, students and volunteers from around the world to advance solutions in SuperAdobe.

Through continued investment in research, we will address the grand challenges facing society for a globally sustainable future. The institute’s priorities in the next decade focus around four main challenges: 

  • Energy and sustainability 
  • Technology and access 
  • Materials and innovation 
  • Permitting and seismic testing 

Your donation will contribute to critical research that will identify sustainable solutions in each area.

CalEarth Impact Initiatives

Pillar 2: Housing Equity & Emergency relief

SuperAdobe is a powerful tool in the fight against the global housing crisis. It is currently used across the globe in ways that have helped rebuild communities facing an environmental or housing crisis. The education provided by CalEarth has empowered hundreds of people to found humanitarian projects for those in need.

CalEarth Institute inspires ingenuity, creates opportunities and unleashes innovation to solve one of society’s most pressing problems: housing insecurity. Using sandbags, barbed wire, and the earth beneath your feet, SuperAdobe is a truly affordable and sustainable way to build homes anywhere on the planet.

Your donation will support critical efforts to provide and train others for emergency relief and housing around the world.

Support Student Excellence

Nader Khalili Scholarship Fund 

Since the founding of CalEarth, we have provided scholarships to students in need, ensuring access so that anyone can learn to build. Your contribution to the Nader Khalili Scholarship Fund will contribute towards a sustainable fund to sponsor more students each year and allow more students access to our workshops. 

Nader Khalili (1936-2008) was a visionary architect, author, humanitarian, teacher, and innovator. Born in Iran as one of nine children, his quest was to empower the world’s poor and refugees to build homes using the earth under their feet. His sustainable solutions to human shelter have been published by NASA, employed by the United Nations, and awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, among others. Inspired by the poetry of Rumi, he was a quiet hero who never forgot the importance of living an honest, meaningful life. “No one can prove there is a meaning to life. I must make my own life meaningful. That is all.”

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