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We are so happy to announce that after two years of research, testing, and fundraising we have been issued an ICC-ES number for SuperAdobe Cement Stabilized Earthbags

What does it mean for people interested in building?

  • This is a major accomplishment as the report and supplemental testing data will reassure building departments of the compliance of SuperAdobe with the International Building Code.
  • The report is free to download and provides specific conditions of use including how to build, tamp, mix, in order to achieve the highest structural durability and compliance with the ESR.
  • All builders interested in SuperAdobe can now reference the ICC-ES on their drawings submitted to the building department (must be stamped by a design professional)
  • The ICC Report indicates that SuperAdobe (cement stabilized earth bags) comply with the 2018 International Residential Code and the 2019 California Building Code.
  • CalEarth is working to update Eco-Dome & Earth One Blueprints and will have those available later this year.

How did we get here?

Approval to Develop Criteria!

President of CalEarth, Dastan Khalili and consulting civil engineer Vicki Gray presented to the International Code Council (ICC) and received approval to develop evaluation criteria and perform final testing on SuperAdobe. This is a HUGE step toward making it easier for anyone to build permitted SuperAdobe structures worldwide. While there are still a few steps left in the approval process, this is a monumental win for CalEarth and the future of SuperAdobe.



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