SuperAdobe Bags

SuperAdobe requires few materials, but one of the most important is the sand bag. CalEarth provides special SuperAdobe bags sold by the roll to make your build faster and easier. These are available for order through our website. 

Selecting the Correct Superadobe Bag


  • 250 yard rolls- small dome (up to 8 foot diameter), small garden bed, retaining wall
  • 500 yard rolls- medium dome (10-12 foot diameter), larger landscaping or retaining wall projects
  • 1000 yard rolls-larger domes (Eco-Dome uses approximately 2000 yards)


  • 14 inch width: Dome diameter 12 foot or smaller and all landscaping
  • 16 inch width: Domes diameter 13-14 foot (Eco-Dome Apses use 16” bag), all landscaping
  • 18 inch width: Domes diameter 15 foot (Eco-Dome central dome uses 18” bag), thicker retaining walls/benches
  • 20 inch width: Dome diameter 16-17 foot. Vault Walls, thicker retaining walls/benches. *Only available in 1,000 yard size

Try the SuperAdobe Dome Calculator by Curvatecture to help with estimating how much bag and barbed wire you will need!
*Please keep in mind, these are only estimates, and we cannot be held responsible for any variations you may find when executing your projects in the real world.

Prices include shipping within continental US. NO international orders. For list of international bag manufacturers please click here. This list is in progress so if you find additional bag distributors in other locations please let us know so we can share with others.

  • As of January 12, 2021 all prices increased by $0.12 per yard due to increase in manufacturer cost. This is the first price increase since 2001 and we hope it does not change again.
  • All rolls must be stored in a dark place. Material degrades when exposed to light.
  • No refunds once bags have been shipped.
  • Bags are sold in conjunction with CalEarth’s training courses. CalEarth is not liable for defective construction.
  • Check with local codes and building and safety department before constructing
  • Bags take approximately 8-10 days to arrive once order has been processed
  • P.O. Boxes are not accepted as shipping addresses