SuperAdobe Level 3 Workshop- Full Core Curriculum

SuperAdobe Level 3 Workshop- Full Core Curriculum

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Please fill out a separate application for each person.

Workshop participants must be 18+ to attend alone, 15+ to attend with parent/guardian.

Intermediate | 8:30am - 6:00pm | 4 Days: Thursday-Sunday | Hesperia, California

For those of you who prefer to take the entire course in one go, this program is a combination of the Level 1 & 2 SuperAdobe course. No prior experience is necessary to apply.


  • Principles of the Arch

  • Superadobe Basics

  • Compass Theory and Applications

  • Dome Geometry

  • Foundations

  • Fenestrations (Door and Window Openings)

  • Elements of Design

  • Soils Practicum and Discussion (Testing your own Soil for Building)

  • Rough and Finish Plaster

  • Options for Stabilization

  • Water Management

  • Installing Windows and Doors