The Eco Dome

Built in 1998
Made of SuperAdobe
Plaster Finishing

The Eco-Dome is a 400 square foot structure with four apses (kitchen, 'bedwomb' and bathroom) featured on HGTV Tiny House Hunters and CNN. The main dome is 15 feet in diameter, with 15 inch thick walls. It is a spacious and energy efficient “tiny” home that includes a rocket mass heater and a passive cooling system called a wind scoop. The Eco-Dome is engineered to surpass all structural building codes, has been permitted and built in various locations worldwide and exceeded all requirements of seismic destructive testing for California.

Eco-Dome is a modular design, and commonly built as a “Double Eco-Dome” to provide additional bedrooms. Some examples of the larger design can be found on the Superadobe Worldwide page. 

Blueprints and Engineering for the Eco-Dome are available for purchase.