Rumi Dome

The Rumi Dome is named after Nader Khalili's favorite Persian poet, Jalluladin Rumi who lived nearly 800 years ago. This dome was built by a group of students with no masonry experience and a paintbrush extender mounted to the center as a compass and was the first structure built on-site. The bricks were all donated from the Higgins Brick Company as they were all reject bricks (incorrect size, shape, color). The design for all the holes and spaces was meant to simulate a film strip so as you turn in a circle you can see outside consistently. Stand in the centre and speak to hear the amazing acoustics! The doorway has a leaning Nubian arch. Imagine the Rumi Dome as a meditation space, a garden room, an outdoor kitchen: whatever its use, a peaceful, beautiful place to relax in. The design also allows for climbing the dome from the outside, one of the most favorite activities for all our youth (and adult) visitors.